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Central Bedfordshire Council webcasts many of its meetings so that you can see decisions being made and witness the debate and discussion in relation to matters of interest, there are several meetings that are available live and via an archive. Meetings are stored in the archive indefinitely so can be viewed at any time. The right hand menu shows a list of future webcasts and those meetings that can be accessed from the Council's archive.

Watching previous meetings

It can take up to 24 hours for a recording of a meeting to be added to this site in the webcasting library. You can view a meeting and, using index points, jump to a specific agenda point or speaker. Archived webcasts are only removed the content breaches any statutory provision, for example Data Protection and Human Rights legislation or provisions relating to confidential or exempt information. 

Attending a webcast meeting

Where a meeting is filmed by the Council for live and/or subsequent broadcast online this recording will be on the Council’s website and a copy of it will be retained in accordance with the Council’s data retention policy. By attending a webcast meeting, you are deemed to have consented to being filmed by the Council.

Sharing features

Click the share button at the top of a webcast player page to share the short link via social media or email. For a live webcast, these share features are available from the player page on the day of the webcast. For an archived webcast, you can also choose to share a particulare agenda item.

Email reminders

You can receive email reminders about our upcoming live webcasts. Visit our list of scheduled webcasts, select a webcast of interest and enter your email address. We will send you email reminders with a link to the webcast. You will receive an email 24 hours ahead of the webcast, another email one hour before the meeting, and a third email when the meeting is due to start.

Copyright notice

All footage from our webcasts is the copyright of Central Bedfordshire Council. The people featured in our webcasts have agreed to appear ONLY on the Council's official webcast site. You are not permitted to download any footage nor upload it (whether in part or in full) to another website without the written permission of Central Bedfordshire Council and those featured in the webcast. Also, video sharing websites (e.g. Youtube, Google Video) state under their terms and conditions that you must be the copyright owner and have the permission of all those involved in order to upload videos to their sites. You can, however, share a link to the official webcast video.


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Webcast overview 

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Recent Webcasts

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Webcast Views 

The Council publishes information on the number of views of its webcasts on an annual basis in addition to sharing details on which meetings receive the most views. Statements on the numbers of views the Council has received are listed below and organised by municipal year:-

Register to Speak 

You can register to speak at any of our meetings by completing an online form, you can even attend some meetings virtually. Please register at least 2 clear days before the meeting takes place and contact us directly if you want to attend Development Management Committee. 


Contact us 

For further information on any of our webcasts or the meetings that are listed on these pages please contact committeemeetings@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk